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July, 2022

Thanks to Melody as I have a much wider and greater appreciation of Reiki, its benefits, and how to practically apply to both myself and others. Melody is knowledgeable, honest and her intake with the students progresses through the Course. All instructions are clear, all questions are answered. The venue is calming, relaxing with a beautiful outlook. I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue learning and growing.

Rebecca Gardner – Gold Coast

Melody’s Course is welcoming and friendly, Melody explains everything and shares experiences which helps. The hands-on experience makes understanding the manual easier combining all learning techniques /understandings. The venue has a beautiful view, an intimate setting, lovely small groups.

Tara Rangitonga – Gold Coast

Susanne Osborne Gold Coast

Melody’s Course was great! Clear and easy to comprehend. Melody is very knowledgeable and experienced.

Meghan LundGold Coast

Melody’s Reiki Course has all high’s! So down to earth, knowledgeable and has so much to give. Melody is very experienced and professional, the Course is clear and easy to understand, great value for money, a ten out of ten.

Rhonda Smith – Gold Coast

Melody’s unspoken wisdom floats into every inch of your soul. Very caring, giving, and loving in sharing her gift and knowledge. Just jump right in and let go of any fears.

Melinda Sloane – Gold Coast

This course was a refresher in Reiki, and my second time with Melody. Melody knows her stuff. So knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher!. Learning Reiki with Melody is more than just Reiki to offer. A great location, peaceful and on the water.

Michelle Guihot – Gold Coast

Melody has helped me to unlock blockages to heal myself and others with love and compassion, so very powerful.

Megan Dobinson – Gold Coast

Melody has helped me by providing a safe and nurturing environment to grow and heal, also sharing her wisdom with us all is a 10 and of 10.

Madelyn Blignt – Gold Coast

This is a lifelong treasure. Worths generations to pass over.
What I’ve learned and experienced was the Truth of this world.
It is not an airy-fairy lovely theory.
It’s quite the opposite.
The session consists of all levels; science, physical, mental, spiritual, and beyond.
It referred to various teachings from all over the world because basically, they are all speaking the same Truth.
Melody explained to us these on a practical level with plenty of humor so that we can associate ourselves and understand them easily. How I would express Melody’s Reiki course is Practical and REAL. Because you’ll feel this straight away. Something has shifted. And you know it’s real. Thank you Melody and Ron for sharing your amazing gift…
I will share this with other people in need.

Mariko Higurashi ~ Gold Coast Feb 2022

Melody is amazing, the teachings are wonderful and very authentic. I am rating this course 20 out of ten for value. Thank you,

Alicea Dover ~ Gold Coast Feb 2022

Please don’t wait five years to do this course like I have, this is a most wonderful experience. Thank you, Melody

A. Callaghan ` Gold Coast Feb 2022

Melody’s teachings are calm, kind, caring, and patient. Melody’s instructions are clear, relevant, easy to understand, powerful, and integrative. Thank you

Hannah Mostyn ~ Gold Coast Feb 2022

This course has been a 10 out of 10, Melody is delightful, patient, fun, confident, and the course is easy to follow.

J. Saville ~ Gold Coast Feb 2022

Melody is wonderful, calm, knowledgeable also very encouraging.

Very clear instructions, and allowed time to practice and to assimilate. Such a supportive and friendly environment. I cannot compare this course. It was about perfect timing.

Karen Scott ~ Gold Coast

Melody was very informative and adapted her style of teaching to suit our class. Very clear and explained in such a way that we understood the reasons behind the process. If anyone should choose to do a course, I would highly recommend choosing Melody’s courses. This course has opened me up to wanting to learn more, explore more, and expand my spirituality. Great value for money.

Annette Todd ~ Gold Coast

Melody has a wealth of knowledge to share and is warm, open, and explains things in a way that all people can understand. Melody’s teaching instructions were clear and concise. This course was a beautiful experience, the work learned is incredible. I would love to do more of Melody’s courses.

  • Morgan McNamara ~ Gold Coast

Melody is amazing, friendly, funny, well-spoken, intuitive, and clear. Very helpful in showing the steps to create a beautiful session. This course is well worth the price.

R. Barton – Gold Coast

Melody is very aware and wise, there is so much to learn from Melody. The course is very easy to understand. Face-to-face learning is so beneficial.

Stormee Morrish – Gold Coast

This Reiki Course was very personable and informative, with very clear explanations and so interesting! This course is well worth doing, small interactive group, supportive group whilst at the same time very personalized.

Betty Creasey ~ Gold Coast

Melody is very gentle and nurturing, the course instructions are very clear and easy to understand, and the value for money is great.`

Chenoa Fleet – Gold Coast

Melody is very knowledgeable, calm, and inviting, this course is a 10 out of 10 and so is the venue.

Amy SzepanowskiQueensland

Melody’s teachings have increased my understanding of energy healing and being able to put this into practice. The course is the greatest benefit, value for money and the venue is a 10 out of 10.

Jane Pyrah – Gold Coast

Melody has been wonderful, and has guided me to be more than I am, and gives her knowledge so freely. If you are drawn to this course, just do it! The entire course is of the highest rating.

Mediarna Horan – Gold Coast

Melody is calm, gentle, easy-going, and wise, with a lovely nature. The course content is very easy to learn, definitely worthwhile.

Sarah O’Loughlin – Gold Coast

I came feeling quite disconnected, in grief, I am leaving this course feeling centered, happy, and very present. Melody has given me a great understanding and appreciation of Reiki and I can’t wait to begin. Melody’s presentation style is easy to follow, integrate and apply also a lot of fun.

Karina Katz – Gold Coast

With already attending Melody’s Reiki Healing Course I chose to do a refresher course to enhance my skills, I tell everybody about Melody as the course is so engaging, humorous, knowledgable, and exceptionally worthwhile, thank you again, Melody

Jan Doyle – Gold Coast

Melody is very knowledgeable, the course is easy to follow and understand, I would encourage others to reach out and do this training, I rate this training a 10 out of 10.

Andrew Glebow ~ Gold Coast

Melody teaches from the heart and is so generous with her knowledge, wisdom, and love. Wow! What a wonderful two days. I walked away feeling equipped with so much knowledge to integrate into my life and use the tools to heal others. Give yourself the gift of Reiki Wisdom. The venue is beautiful and has great value for money.

Stephanie Daly ~ Gold Coast April 2021

Melody helped me understand the essence of Reiki and gave many insights and useful information. The Course was very hands-on. I rate this course a 10 out of 10, Please do this course, it will change you! The venue is beautiful and the value for money is also a 10 out of 10.

Nerissa Morrison – Gold CoastFeb 2021

Melody is very genuine, heartfelt, and gave all her Soul in the course. Melody is very knowledgeable and uses lots of different styles throughout her teachings of the course. This course is of excellent value, more than I anticipated. Keep up the amazing work Melody, I give this course a rating of 10 out of 10!. Thank you from the bottom of my full heart, leaving me feeling very confident and ready to help heal friends and family. L. Alexander – Gold Coast – Feb 2021

Melody opened my eyes up to energy, vibrations, and healing in a relaxed and calm environment, feelings of harmony. This course is great for anyone wanting to be kind to themselves and to loved ones and beyond, great value!. T. Holland – Gold Coast – Feb 2021

Melody was the calmest, beautiful person, I felt at ease from the start. I have learned so much. Absolutely do this course, you won’t be sorry! This course is of excellent value, a 10 out of 10! V. Profilio – Gold Coast

I am still on a High after attending this weekend’s reiki 1 & II. I was captivated from the moment we met and was a part of a beautifully supportive and encouraging group. We had many laughs and felt truly comfortable, yet came away with so much knowledge. I’m excited to practice and will most definitely learn more modalities through Melody in the future. I cannot recommend melody and Ron anymore, they are both extremely gifted and open and made learning very enjoyable ❤️🙏 Jaimielee Wilson – Gold Coast, Qld, Aust

I recently completed Reiki Seichem Healing with Melody and it was a wonderful experience. I have worked with various healers and teachers in the past and I can safely say that Melody is incredibly talented at what she does. I can feel the energetic upgrade already and I’m excited to bring this new modality onto my manifestation coaching business! Juliette Kristine Gold Coast, Qld, Aust

I am in total bliss after completing my REIKI I & II, Seichem, and Magnified Healing with Melody. What an incredible healer and teacher you are with the most nurturing soul. I will forever be grateful that the universe aligned us and for you blessing me with such a gift. I would recommend anyone wanting to do energy healing, to see Melody. Michelle
Gold Coast, Qld, Aust.

Dear Melody, first of all, I’d like to thank you for this amazing opportunity. I’m truly blessed to learn from someone with a kind heart like you. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom, experience, and knowledge. I highly recommend Reiki Seichem to anyone who’s in the constant search of spiritual growth or self-awareness. Definitely it would be beneficial for personal improvement and also to guide others in their healing process.

I’m looking forward to taking another course with you sometime soon.

Infinite ♾ thanks 🙏🏽 G. Bryan – Brisbane

WOW……what a fantastic weekend!!! My two days spent with Melody learning Reiki really were life-changing. My world has changed from black and white to many shades of grey and the most brilliant colors imaginable. Melody is a fountain of knowledge, understanding, generosity, and humor. She is only too willing to share her knowledge and gifts with the world and for this I am grateful. I learned so much more than “just Reiki” and Seichem Reiki adds a whole new dynamics to the healing modality. Melody is a gift from God to humanity. Thank you, I love you.
Mary Frey – Goondiwindi, Queensland

What a life-changing experience!!! It has only been seven days since I had the pleasure and privilege to work with my amazing new friend Melody Bass. In such a short time (2 days) my career has taken a new path instantly..and more things have all fallen into place and fallen away… because of the amazing shifts of energy and healing that took place through the guidance, wisdom and gifts bestowed upon me during my Reiki Seichem Healing course. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to meet other like-minded people as we were taken on an unbelievable and unforgettable spiritual journey during our time together … I look forward to learning many more beautiful healing modalities with you Melody … Love and Light xxx
Madonna Kelly-Ford, Goondiwindi, Queensland

Well, who knew … the shift I feel from one weekend with you has been life-changing! I have not felt so much unconditional love and absolute peace within years than I felt with one weekend with you. How blessed am I, to have been led to you for my Reiki 1 and 2 course plus to have the added bonus of Seichem healing. Now, I am ready to heal the world….
Thank you Melody for all that you do. Your love and compassion for others and to share your gift so that we all may see that there is more to life than what we live in. Much love to you Melody and to Ariel who helped me just as much xxx
Shelley Goldsmith, Gold Coast, Queensland

I have had the absolute pleasure of attending Reiki 1 & 2 Course with Melody Bass over the weekend and I cannot recommend this course higher! What an absolute delight! The manner in which Melody teaches is divine. She teaches from the heart and gives so much information through storytelling and practice, adding so much of her own wisdom through her decades of experience. She is a phenomenal teacher! The environment in which we learned was beautiful and the extra Seichem Advanced Course we gained, at no extra cost. It was wonderful to learn so much, yet the manner in which Melody taught, kept the content effortless with much hands-on practical experience. Melody kept our weekend interesting, fun, and intriguing! Melody Bass is certainly a Master in her field and if you are considering doing a Reiki course – LOOK NO FURTHER!
Thank you Melody from the bottom of my heart…
You have changed my life!
Lori Wright, Gold Coast, Queensland

I contracted Melody when working through some very complex personal issues, which I was aware required a very special and understanding practitioner. From the very first session that I had with Melody, the improvement was noticeable. The home support that Melody provided has been a lifesaver. Throughout the program, I was provided with life tools that are so simple to use and to incorporate into my busy day Having real-time information allowed me to deal with issues immediately before they became problems. One of my favorite things was the way Melody de-customized the material to suit my requirements. My husband and I completed Reiki with Melody. We operate our cattle grazing property with a holistic approach to all aspects of land/animal management. Reiki has proved to be a true blessing as a holistic management tool for our land, cattle, and our dogs. Once learned Reiki is with you always the cattle and animals love Reiki and just absorb the energy becoming very quiet and relaxed, and trusting. I have used Reiki at the stockyards, to harmonies the area, around water points and dams, and the stock water. Reiki has proved invaluable for sick animals and continues to amaze us all. I feel truly blessed and grateful to continue to work with Melody, oh, one more thing be prepared for that wonderful sense of humor.

Jane Underwood, Queensland

I operate a highly successful and intense cell grazing cattle operation and now apply Reiki to my livestock thanks to the skill and training provided by Melody, a truly gifted and inspirational individual. Straight after this course, we mustered cow/calves applied Reiki and branded calves in record time because the livestock were calm and relaxed, flowing freely through the yards which was not the norm in previous operations. I move large numbers of livestock 500-600 head daily and each time I move them into another paddock I apply Reiki and the Symbols and they move calmly and quietly. Livestock responds positively and I think it is a brilliant tool to settle livestock removing stress and improving animal performance and behavior. I can highly recommend the “Reiki Seichem Healing Workshop” and I am extremely grateful and truly blessed to continue working with Melody.

Faithful student, Peter

I have recently completed the Reiki I&II, as well as the Reiki Seichem Healing program. Completing my Reiki has been an ambition of mine for over 6 years. I’ve known that someday, at the right time the right Master will appear for me, and wow, what an absolute privilege to have found Melody.

Melody is a wonderful, generous Master teacher who shares her gifts with the purest of intent. The depth of her knowledge, stories, wisdom, healing, and her integration of so many modalities is infinite. This was a weekend filled with so much more than just Reiki. As a highly intuitive Master, Melody guided us through the program and was also to provide us with personal healing creating energetic clearing through the two days. The environment that Melody created was simply stunning, calm, and peaceful, with a real feeling of lightness. We moved through the content with ease and at times with much laughter!

I highly recommend this program and Melody, I feel that it was such a privilege to find her.

With much love and gratitude
Nikki Brown – Gold Coast

Over the last few months Melody taught me so much I will be eternally grateful for. Thanks to Melody I found my true purpose on earth and she guided me in the right direction. She introduced me to the beautiful magic of Tibetan sound bowls and I have never experienced anything stronger. Thank you Melody for being such a magical person!

Endless Love,

Completed my Reiki I and II as well as Seichem (Sekham) and Magnified Healing yesterday. Hip Hip Hooray! What an honor it was to train with such talented and experienced Reiki Masters. Thanks so much, Melody.
Nicole Gleeson