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For those interested in Reiki First Degree Certification

Reiki 1st degree is the first of three levels of Reiki training. During this one day training two attunements, initiating you to the Reiki energy, whereby the attunements opens three major chakras allowing the energy to flow through the Crown Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra as well as the Palms of the Hands, creating the natural flow of source energy through the participants energy centres.

The participant will experience a cleansing and healing during the attunement process, creating transformation.

Reiki enhances your creativity, allowing your true talens and abilities to come to the surface, allowing forward movement on your life’s journey with ease.

Reiki works on a holistic level, – the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit creating transformation. This energy of Oneness or Universal Life Force energy is where transformation happens, due to the flow of energy through the Practitioners palms and attuned energy centres.

Level 1st degree is offered as a one day workshop where you will learn the simple but powerful method of self healing for your personal transformation and wellness, and the ability to facilitate others.

This one day workshop covers:

  • history of Reiki
  • receive a Reiki healing
  • learn how to give a Reiki treatment
  • a full understanding of how energy healing works
  • The Universal gift of receiving 2 attunements initiating Reiki
  • receive beautiful Reiki Music to enhance the Reiki Sessions
  • a comprehensive manual laid out with full positioning for the treatment
  • receive Reiki Level I certificate upon completion

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