Reiki For Energy Healing

Our potential is tremendous but in order to become the powerful beings we were meant to be, we need to change our focus. Reiki is not only a tool for physical healing but mental and spiritual growth as well. When Dr. Usui first formalized Reiki, he intended it to be a tool for spiritual growth. The physical healing that occurred was a side-effect of the increased awareness. Reiki is a gift that is given to each and every one of us. By opening your mind to this energy, you will be more capable of seeing the synchronicity in your life and be able to let your life flow. You already have access to this amazing life force. This course will show you how to use it. Ingest food and drink that provides your body with nutrients Create habits that help maintain a clear state of mind Meditate Create positive mental patterns to help you process life O Lisa Powers 4 We intuitively use Reiki energy. When we were children and were hurt, we were soothed by our Mother’s caring touch. A symbolic kiss to make it better actually did ease the pain as Mother and child used Reiki energy to soothe and heal. We naturally hold and protect areas that we have injured and in doing so are also drawing in Reiki energy to those parts to help them recover. This energy is plentiful and is available to everyone. There is no single person or organization who holds the rights to this energy. Reiki is not trademarked or patented. The only thing you need to access Reiki energy is the intention to align yourself to it and then the willingness to surrender your intellect so your heart can lead the way.

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