Reiki Principles For Enhancing Positive Thoughts and Behaviours

woman hands with flower in yoga mudra gesture outdoor in nature closeup summer day in front lake

The Reiki principles are a way to release the stories that your mind is telling you that create suffering as you go about your day. Most events in and of themselves are not stressful. It is the beliefs that we have about them that cause our stress. As you unravel and release those beliefs, you will find more balance and peace in your life. As you can continue to improve how you manage your thoughts and actions day to day, moment by moment, by focusing on these principles, your conscious actions over time will become a natural way of being. You may find reading the principles in the morning right when you wake up and evening before going to sleep helpful. You could also carry them with you or have them visible in a place you visit often or your healing room. The five principles will have a different resonance and meaning for each person and you may find that the feeling you have when you recite them now will be different than how you feel when you recite them tomorrow, next month, and a year from now. With the focus of manifesting now being a popular practice, we tend to choose positive statements rather than negative so the traditional principles may not seem natural to you. In a positive frame, they could be: For all of today I will trust For all of today, I will love For all of today I will be true to myself and others For all of today I will give thanks for my many blessings For all of today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing. www.ReikiSeichemHealing.com

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