A Simple Understanding of Reiki

To understand the energy itself, you may like to imagine a TV set. It has been made from the physical elements of Earth, the idea came from the mental energies of humans and as it stands in a room it has a low energy field or life force. Now plug it in and switch it on to yet another frequency and it will become more alive. The TV set now has all the balance and energy it needs to operate at its optimum capacity. We can also be ‘plugged in’ to many more frequencies than we have previously been aware of, and we can come alive to more than we ever imagine. The receiver of Reiki uses the Reiki Channel (or Practitioner) as the plug that connects them to this energy.

This beautiful energy knows no restrictions, limitations, or biases. It holds no belief systems – only humans do that! It can be used and received by atheists, agnostics, and people of all cultures and religions. It goes where- ever it is sent, by whoever sends it, without question or bias. It works on every level of our beings, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This energy doesn’t demand that the body, mind, or spirit heal itself, it just supplies the energy to do this and if the person is ready, they will use this energy to heal themselves. Reiki makes no judgments it just ‘is’ and it provides a way to release blocks that cause dis-ease, on every level. It is a wonderful gift for humans, animals, plants, and the Earth herself.

How does it Work?

  • Reiki energy flows into the Reiki Channel (practitioner) and is passed on through the hands to the receiver. Because the Channel has been tuned into the energy by an initiation, he or she is then able to act as a conduit for the energy. Once contact with the receiver is made the energy starts transferring. The Channel can also send Reiki to a person any distance within a room, or even (at a Reiki 11 level) to a person not present in the same room by the ‘Absent Reiki’ method.

The Channel needs no special skills for this, only a willingness to do this for another. There are several different techniques or hand positions used by the Channels, all of which are effective; some Channels prefer to use their instincts only – whichever way is chosen is right for the receiver.

Once the energy is received it is used by the receiver in any way their body, mental body, emotional body, or Spirit wishes to use it. It must be said the emotional causation of any dis-ease is usually dealt with in sync with the physical problem to give a holistic healing, but it is not always the case. www.ReikiSeichemHealing.com

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