Distance Healing

Distance Reiki healing is a technique that allows the practitioner to offer a Reiki Session without the client being in the same room or geographic location. Distance Healing is also sometimes referred to as the Absentee Reiki technique. In other words, the practitioner is able to transmit Reiki (otherwise known as a spiritual energy, qi or prana) beyond physical touch.

How Does Distance Reiki Sessions Work?

You can schedule a Distance Reiki Session On-Line which is usually 30 minutes long. Setting aside a specific time for the treatment enables you to be in a more receptive state (such as lying down or meditating during the session).

In advance of the session, you can email Melody with a photo also a few details about yourself: name, age, location, and an intention of what you want the session to support. For example, you can request help with a challenge, goal, or physical issue.

Melody prepares for the session the same way she does an in-person treatment, focusing on the client’s intention and requirements, directing the Reiki energy to positions on the body exactly the same as a hands-on session. Melody shares with you what she experiences during the session and will offer any ongoing recommendations that are required from there.

Preparation For Your Session:

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

Setting your intention to heal yourself

Lighting a candle or incense of your choice

Reiki Relaxation Music will be emailed to you after the booking is complete so you can enjoy the added benefits of Sound Healing.

Taking note of what your intention is and what you notice on the completion of your session.

What To Expect:

Often physical sensations during the Distance Reiki session are apparent, just as they might when receiving a session in person. Include warmth, tingling, or a sense of peace and relaxation. You may also notice the mind-calming down or the alleviation of physical symptoms.
Letting go of any resistance will allow the client too often drift in and out of consciousness, into a very deep healing state, where healing happens at the unconscious level.

Potential benefits include: (& are the same as an in-person session)

Feeling grounded

Ease anxiety and depression

Improves sleep

Balances mood and your emotions

Enhances your body’s ability to balance and heal itself

Relieves pain and physical discomfort

At the end of the session, take a few minutes (longer if you like) to integrate everything from the session, taking a few deep breaths and sitting up slowly. Listen to your body and rest and move accordingly.

When Is Distance Reiki Appropriate?

Distance Reiki is ideal for our current worldwide situation, social isolation, negative emotions, and unwanted thoughts.

To Book & Register

Please email: Melody@AboveAllHealing.com

Scheduling appointment times is essential due to high demands for Reiki Healing.

30-minute session time.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give 24-hour notice or you will be charged for the session.

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