Reiki for Compassion

Reiki means Universal Life Force energy. It is a very gentle energy that can be received and used by everyone for the benefit of everyone and everything that exists. Reiki is the energy of unconditional love; it is a gift to us all. This soft, comforting, healing energy can easily flow from one person to another, restoring their spirits, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation and putting them on the road to wellness. Reiki will offer whatever is needed, even if the receiver of Reiki doesn’t consciously know what that is. Reiki does this because it is a purely intuitive and all-knowing energy that works beyond our understanding and despite our logical minds.

To understand the energy itself, you may like to imagine a TV set. It has been made from the physical elements of Earth, the idea came from the mental energies of humans and as it stands in a room it has a low energy field or life force. Now plug it in and switch it on to yet another frequency and it will become more alive. The TV set now has all the balance and energy it needs to operate at its optimum capacity. We can also be ‘plugged in’ to many more frequencies than we have previously been aware of, and we can come alive to more than we ever imagined. The receiver of Reiki uses the Reiki Channel (or Practitioner) as the plug that connects them to this energy.

This beautiful energy knows no restrictions, limitation or biases. It holds no belief systems – only humans do that! It can be used and received by atheists, agnostics, and people of all cultures and religions. It goes where-ever it is sent, by whoever sends it, without question or bias. It works on every level of our beings, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This energy doesn’t demand that the body, mind or spirit heal itself, it just supplies the energy to do this and if the person is ready, they will use this energy to heal themselves. Reiki makes no judgments it just ‘is’ and it allows us to release blocks that cause dis-ease, on every level. It is a wonderful gift for humans, animals, plants and the Earth herself.


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