What is Reiki Really? Reiki is the Catalyst.

Reiki energy flows into the Reiki Channel (practitioner) and is passed on through the hands to the receiver. Because the ‘Channel’ has been tuned into the energy by an initiation, he or she is then able to act like a conduit for the energy. Once contact with the receiver is made the energy starts transferring. The ‘Channel’ can also send Reiki to a person any distance within a room, or even (at a Reiki 11 level) to a person not present in the same room by the ‘Absent Reiki’ method.
The Channel needs no special skills for this, only a willingness to do this for another. There are several different techniques or hand positions used by the Channels, all which are effective; some Channels prefer to use their instincts only – whichever way is chosen is right for the receiver.
Once the energy is received it is used by the receiver in any way their body, mental body, emotional body or Spirit wishes to use it. It must be said the emotional causation of any dis-ease is usually dealt with in sync with the physical problem to give a holistic healing, but it is not always the case. This is where it is always good to remember that the Channel is not the healer, the receiver is.
Whether the receiver has a spontaneous self-healing or this process takes a few more sessions, is entirely up to the receiver as the receiver’s sub-conscious often determines this outcome. The amount of energy ‘pulled’ in through the Channel by the receiver, determines the amount of energy the Channel also receives. This is the Channels gift for giving the Reiki. However, no illnesses or complaints are transferable, if this were the case we would have very few Channels left in the world. However, some ailments are mirrored through Reiki. For example, if the receiver and the Channel have the same physical or emotional problem it will be magnified in both of them for healing during the session.
A full Reiki session usually takes 1 to ½ hours. No clothes need be removed in a session as this is a non-physical energy, (it will flow easily through concrete or even denser matter). You don’t have to be sick to have Reiki. Reiki is also a relaxing, meditative experience that relieves stress, restores your Spirit and can help your growth.

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