Reiki For Creating Energy Flow

Reiki ~ For Creating Energy Flow.

This information is designed to give you a clear, objective look at Reiki, a system of healing which uses the universal life force energy. The techniques were reputedly used by The Buddha himself.

The Origins of Reiki

The symbols used for healing by The Buddha were rediscovered by a Japanese professor, Dr. Mikao Usui, in the 19th century.

On Dr. Usui’s quest for spiritual healing, he came upon a 1100-year-old sutra, The Tantra of the Lightning Flash That Heals the Body and Illumines the Mind.

He called this method of laying on of hands: Reiki.

Reiki is a healing system that can be used by anyone regardless of religious

preference. The universal life force is in and around us and the Reiki

attunement enables us to recharge ourselves with this energy.

Dissolving Emotional Blocks and Healing the Body

With Reiki, you have the ability to heal yourself on the emotional level to help prevent illnesses.

An Intelligent Energy

Reiki energy flows through the energy field to all those parts of the body that require healing, no matter where you place your hands.

Reiki for Emotional and Mental Balance

Reiki enhances mental clarity, memory and intuition. It provides mental

and emotional balance. This helps you de-stress. Stress, after all, is the

cause of much disease.

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