Emotional Healing with Reiki

Emotional Healing with Reiki

Emotions are a normal part of everyday life. We’ve probably all been faced with failures, frustrations, disappointments or a heartbreak at some times in our life. However, occasionally we may be faced with an array of overwhelming extra challenges, burdens, conflicts that we find we just can’t handle. So if you’re feeling emotionally bankrupt, maybe try Reiki.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Reiki, it’s a modality of ‘hands-on’ spiritual healing. Hands-on typically means the laying-on of hands on the body. Yet, Reiki can also be done with-out applying hands on. Reiki can also be applied just by hovering above the body in our energy field.

Energy Healing on the Emotional Level

Basically, Reiki is about the clearing of stuck energy. It’s about clearing away blockages and opening up to allow more free- flowing energy. Reiki practitioners refer to the ‘Universal life force’ energy. Emotions can have a negative effect upon us in many ways. It’s long been known how we can hold emotional stress or trauma at certain points within our body. There’s also maps referring to where these different emotional stressors are most likely to reside in our body. Actually, they can also negatively affect our energy field off our body in our aura. These emotional traumas create energy blockages. Reiki can be used to help clear it out these emotional blockages.

What are Emotions

We may say that simply an emotion is a conflict between what we think should be the reality and what we’re actually experiencing. We may see where our thoughts and feelings are pulled in different directions an array of emotions may result. Our body and your mind are really meant to work together, not be in conflict. It’s often just so amazing how these emotional blockages correlate with a physical ailment. As an example, the likes of stress, back or neck pain, headaches, are so often stemming from our emotions. Sadly, because of such a stressful lifestyle, so many people are an emotional mess.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki somehow seems to help put all the aspects of our-self back together again. One of the benefits of Reiki is being able to help overcome the negative effects of emotional stress or trauma. Many people comment how they cry during a Reiki session. The crying can be seen as an emotional release. It may be said that so often many of our physical problems actually stem from our emotions. Interestingly, our emotions may also stem from our thoughts. As well as our mind they can have a more and spiritual aspect to them as well. Reiki is known to be a holistic approach helping to handle these physical ailments as well as negative thought patterns and spiritual blockages. Basically as we deal with the negative thought patterns, emotions and spiritual blockages the physical body feels a whole lot better. Also, simply just the touch aspect of the laying -on of hands can feel very soothing. Let’s face it how it can be so nice sometimes to have someone actually caring for us. Maybe we could see Reiki as being like a big hug.

Reiki for Success

For some people, Reiki can be an absolute life changer. So many people have had massive paradigm shifts in their life after a Reiki session. Holding onto negative emotions can sabotage our progress in many areas of our life, relationships, health, career and so on. It’s interesting how many people have benefited from Reiki. Some people just as a way to relax to gain that extra edge in their career. Others for more of an evolutionary spiritual journey. Many to help with their well-being. It’s the old saying, that prevention is better than cure.

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